Code Katas with

Code Katas become more and more popular: little programming tasks, that programmers solve several times – every time a little better. supports performing and improving Code Katas. Opening with the internet browser of your choice shows the home page of CodersDojo.

By clicking “Enter the Dojo” we enter the virtual Dojo, where we perform the Kata (until now only Ruby is supported).

In the right area a dummy test is displayed. We replace the dummy test with the first (test) step of our Kata (in this case the Fibonacci numbers). To make things simple we put production and test code in the same file.

With clicking “Run” we run the test. The result is displayed in the left screen area.

Now we write only so much production code that the test succeeds.

This way we test drive the solution.

By clicking “Finish” we get the analysis of the Kata.

There we see the overall duration of the Kata, the number of steps and a visualization of the TDD steps (red, green).

To improve the Kata we can give a collegue access to the Kata so that he can give feedback. We simply send him the link that is displayed at the bottom of the page. When the collegue opens the link he starts with the first step of the Kata. On the left side he can see the Code before and after the first “Run”. On the right side a text area waits for comments.

Our collegue can navigate forth and back through the Kata. When something strikes our collegue he adds his comment to the step.

Try it and give us feedback about CodersDojo!

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