Teamwork during the Daily Scrum

August 24, 2011 at 11:20 am 2 comments

Do you see teamwork in your Daily Scrums? Or do you see individuals reporting their individual status and then proceed with their task or story? Then try this:

Every team member answers two questions:

  1. What did I achieve since the last Daily Scrum? (and update the taskboard)
  2. What are my impediments? (and make impediments visible at the taskboard)

Then the team updates the Sprint Burndown Chart (yes, let the team draw it on a big sheet of paper).
Now the team sees the current state of the Sprint at the taskboard and the prognosis at the Sprint Burndown Chart.
Then ask the third question in a slightly modified form: How can we as a team organize until the next Daily Scrum to create the most progress towards the Sprint Goal?

That will avoid stickyness to tasks (“I worked on the database schema and will work on it again”). Instead the team plans together who should work on what. Perhaps Henning should help Stefan with the database schema? Perhaps it would be better to stop working on the database schema for now and focus on another more important task?

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Einfaches Scrum Handling Impediments with the Task Board

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