Theorie und Praxis

Auch wenn ich den Original-Autoren nicht kenne, einer meiner Lieblingssprüche:

„The difference between theory and practice is in theory somewhat smaller than in practice.“


Wozu brauchen wir eigentlich noch die Sperrmüll-Abfuhr? Wir haben doch ebay!

Some Research Questions

I am interested in some research questions but as far as I can see I won’t have the time to do the research. If you have the time feel free to pick a research question. I would be happy to get feedback if someone did some work on the research questions. Then I can publish references to the results on my web site.

Research Questions

Open Source Technology Stack for Java Projects

Open-Source tools for Java development have reached a maturity that often goes far beyond commercial tools. A lot of Java projects doing business applications can come along with Open-Source tools. Here is a list of my current favorites.


  • Eclipsethe Open-Source IDE

  • CVSthe Open-Source revision control system

  • Antthe Java make

  • JUnitthe unit test tool for Java

  • Fitnesse – for acceptance tests

  • Jemmy [desktop frontends]- testing Swing UIs

  • HTTPUnit [web frontends] – testing Web UIs

  • JMeter [server side code] – for load tests of server side code

  • NoUnit – finding untested methods

  • Integration-Guard – server side test execution before/after checkin in CVS

  • DoxyGen – similar to JavaDoc but supports different output formats

  • PMD – identifies problems and smells in Java code

  • Eclipse Profiler Plugin – Profiler for Eclipse

  • XDoclet – generates data from Java meta tags; used for Hibernate, JBoss and others


  • log4j – for logging (more powerful and widespread than the logging facilities of JDK 1.4

  • Struts [web frontends] – framework for web applications

  • Eclipse Plugin Model [client side code] – the Eclipse plugin model can be used without the Eclipse IDE to implement a client side component model for Java

  • JFreeChart – generates business charts

  • JFreeReport, JasperReports – printing from Java


  • mySQL, PostgreSQL, SapDB – Databases

  • Hibernate – OR mapper with transparent persistence (requires XDoclet); if an existing database schema has to be used, Torque with its code generation approach may be more suitable


  • Apache Web Server – if a lot of static web pages exist or non-Java application logic has to be executed at the server

  • Jakarta Tomcat [web frontends] – if only a web interface is required

  • JBoss [server side code and desktop frontends] – if a desktop interface is required and server side code is neccessary (I recommend to use XDoclet to generate most of the EJB stuff)

  • MockEJB [server side code] – a local container for session beans; supports testing session beans and allows the execution of the system stand alone without an application server


  • XPlanner – Managing and planning of stories

  • JSPWiki – a simple Wiki web based on Java Server Pages

  • Open-Office – for external documents and project tracking


There are promising tools which I haven’t had the opportunity to use until now:

Jetzt auch privat

Nachdem mein technisch orientierter Weblog jetzt einige Zeit online ist, habe ich mich entschlossen, zusätzlich einen privaten Weblog aufzusetzen.

Hier soll alles reinkommen, was mir so an interessanten Dingen über den Weg läuft, die in meinem technischen Weblog nichts zu sagen haben.

Das bin übrigens ich: